Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not very bright

That is what Becca says when I ask some questions, but it is not hard to argue that I am a genius compared to a couple of the girls.

Corrie the beautiful has a sweet loving disposition if you listen to the shepherds. Sweet Corrie. Check out the picture from last spring - It is entitled "weaning is easy if the lambs can't find me". Yup that's our girl.

It appears to be an hereditary trait because her daughter, Daphne the cute, is just as much of a brain trust as her Mother. She got her head caught in a fence 3 TIMES in 2 days last week. Same scenario each time, same results. She shoves narrow BFL head through fence hole to get at grass at the base of the tree the fence is protecting. Pulls back head, ears get stuck. Stands there and complains, Chief Bob ambles out, takes a look at her, sighs, and goes to stand staring at the house. One of the shepherds looks out and says, "Honey, I think Daphne has done it again." Big Guy Shepherd hustles out, speaks soothingly to trapped ditz, frees her, she gets loved up a little, fence gets straightened out. Wait 12 hours, repeat.

Now, if Becca is so damned smart, and since she is the Queen (Drama also) of the back flock, do you suppose she could explain to fleece head how to avoid getting trapped. Yes ? Do I see a volunteer ??

And they say I'm no Tesla....

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Times they are a changin'

Now, I do not claim to know why this song is being sung in the barn, but being a VERY wise sheep, I asked Bob and Becca. They looked at each other and Becca said, "Benjamin, who is out here all the time these days ? Hauling hay, water and cleaning the stall ?" I am a very observant fellow and I said "the Big Guy ! " So then she tells me that the Big Guy is living here again instead of in something called airports. And that the Shepherd is very happy because she missed the Big Guy - well, and because she can't lift full bales or 40 lb. water buckets.

Huh - how does she know all this stuff ??? She says, "Benny - if there was a Maslow's hierarchy for sheep, you would be munching at the first level." Now I'm really confused, but my tummy is full because the Big Guy brought a full bale out to the feeder and he was humming something.

So I ask, "anything else I should know, smarty pants? " Becca says, "well, Grasshopper, today is the Feast of St. Brighid, and since we were sheep in Scotland a long time ago, it is an important day. She is patron of many human activities. " This is getting way beyond me now, so I delicately lie down (Becca says I crash to the earth) and start my nap. Becca rolls out the door (she is no lightweight herself) and goes out to bore the twins with her great knowledge.

Life is good; the Big Guy is home and my tummy is full and it is good to be a sheep with spectacular wool.