Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Deed is Done

Yup...Benny the Naked Sheep here. My most wondrous CVM fleece is lying on the ground and I am FREEZING.

Benny...your MWF has been carefully cleaned up and put into marked plastic bags. And the shearer said something nice about it, and nothing about your size.

Becca, some of the brat pack are bigger than me now !! Whats happening ??

They are younger than we are, Big Boy...and seem to shoulder their way into the feeders pretty well.

Becca I losing weight and going to turn into Amy ???

You worry about the most interesting things, Chunko. We are 10; Amy is 16. You are a wether, I have had one perfect lamb, and poor Amy had lambs every year until she came here. She is worn out.

Not to be awful, Becca, but Amy looks really skinny and bony ...

The shepherds know that, Silly....and they watch her very closely. But she likes lying in the warm sun and she still eats her share. Did you hear the Crone say my fleece is sold already ???

Big deal. My fleece is the truly unique one around here....and what does hers sell for, I ask you ?? Mulch ?

I heard that Benny....mine sells to a very pricey specialty rug company. So there...AND, the fleece of the world's most perfect lamb sells every year, too.

Becca, the "world's most perfect lamb" weighs 250 lb and in full fleece looks like a bear. He could cause my heart to stop someday if I saw him in the dark. And, he stands on my foot at the feeders.

and at that, Becca stomped her front foot and left. Delicate little lamb indeed...Fergus could be a sofa.

Benny here, naked, stripped of dignity, mocked, under fed....but they still call my name and rub my ears. There is hope.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is winter over ?

Benny here...and its cold. Although Becca says it hasn't been as cold as usual. Pollyanna Becca. can barely feel the cold..I have never seen you so...hmmm ...robust.

Well, there does seem to have been enough food this year, and I suppose that Sophie leaving meant more food.

Benny...that is not exactly a memorial to Sophie...

Becca, she died in a perfect way for a sheep, didn't she ?? Head in a feeder and just dropped. That is the way I would want to go.

I have to admit that would be ideal for most sheep..and she was very old..15 at least.

We aren't really old, are we ??

We aren't lambs, Benny....we are 10 this year I think.

Is that close to 15 ??

Not too close Old Boy...aren't you hungry ?

I think Becca is trying to change the subject..I do notice a little twinge in my shoulder when I get up, but not nearly like old Amy. If Sophie was 15, Amy must be too. But she gets a little grain every night with little white crumbs in it. Maybe I'll get grain every night when I get 15..I wonder how much 15 is ?

All this thinking makes me hungry and makes my head ache. I think there is hay left from dinner. That will help ! And I smelled that funny smell that means grass will grow around the fence posts soon...its a good day to be a really special sheep...