Saturday, June 25, 2011

This is summer ????

Ok Becca...the shepherds say it is summer...why am I freezing at night ?? Was I stripped of my marvelous fleece too early AGAIN ??

Benjo, you still roll when you walk. Insulation isn't your problem...but it has been cold and wet and windy for what seems like years...maybe we are in Scotland.

The sun felt so good on my back 2 days ago...and I think the grass grows faster..the shepherds have the watery things on poles out in our space..doesn't that mean its through raining ?

We can hope so - Sophie and Amy limp when it is cold and wet..Amy slept in the sun for hours this feels really good for old sheep.

Are we old yet, Becca ?

Well, we aren't lambs anymore, Old Friend.....we are 8 this year and that isn't a young sheep.

Becca, I like being here....even if the food is marginal and the dogs bark and the hay gets stale.....will they send us away ?

Benny, have you ever seen a sheep leave here alive ?

Hmmmmm...what happened to that young ram of Sophie's ?

The one that bred all the ewes when he was 5 months old ?? Ewan ? He was sent to a farm that needed his talents, such as they were..although he did leave me with the smartest and handsomest son ever lambed.

And that is the end of that conversation as Becca has gone to stare admiringly at Fergus....I think I need a snack.

Benny here...good second cutting hay to you.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can you believe it ?

Two years...they got the barn finished and getting the wifi set up took two years. My laptop is totally outdated and covered in a foot of sheep barn dust....

The Crone is abed with some veterinary surgery thing, and she gets a new netbook just for being in bed and really for some reason that means I get WiFi .... maybe I'll get her old netbook. don't want her old move faster than her old netbook...and that's you leaving the feeders...

Becca is even bossier since she took over the herd...why Becca ? When did THAT happen ...ah..its been a long time since twinkle hooves had WiFi...

Last autumn, Herd Boss Bob suddenly couldn't walk...the shepherds tried everything they could, but eventually the Guy Who Fixes Sheep came out to the pasture and gave a Bob a shot and he became a cloud sheep and the shepherds cried. Then the next week, another Guy Who Fixes Dogs came out and gave the old girl dog a shot and everyone cried. She loved us, but she couldn't walk either. It was a really hard month for sheep and shepherds.

So who slides into head sheep slot ? got it...Becca. She did it whilst I was eating and Buddy was trying to knock something over. I'll admit she made it so smooth that it is hard to tell a difference. And she is pretty smart...

It has been a really cold, icy, wet winter and we all have monster coats on.... but looking at the Crone limp around, shearing won't happen for a while. This year is the Fiber Rodeo or something and stuff. Thye'll probably forget to feed the sheep at that point, but there should be grass....

Roller Boy, its the Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival and a really big deal for the shepherds...people come hundreds of miles to admire your Very Special Fleece, remember ??

Oh, I memory was better when they were feeding more pellets..wonder if they have considered adding fish oil to my diet....

Benny here, thinking I need a new laptop...