Thursday, March 29, 2007

They mock me !

It is spring and everything itches...well, everything on me at least. So a few days ago I find a handy solution to all this and the Mom Shepherd almost expires with amusement....I tell you respect.

Buddy is standing, looking spooky as usual, but he doe seem to have calmed down quite a bit living with us instead of Butthead. With Butthead you have to watch your back all the time.....anyway, I digress. Buddy with his half curl of horn is standing there chewing his cud and I think "that pointy horn tip looks like a solution to me !" I amble up (Becca says I roll up) and say "stand real still, there, Bud" and rub my ear on his left horn tip. That feels soooo good that I get him to stand there while I get most of the right side of my head scratched. Then I hear the Mom Shepherd having hysterics on the back deck watching me. I thought it was rather clever of me, but she thinks it is very funny. She should be carrying 14 lb of greasy itchy fleece around in the spring sun.

I guess she has noticed my discomfort, however. The barn got straigthened up today, the temporary plywood floor for shearing was dragged out and I think this itchy stuff is coming off soon. I wonder if that is what she is referring to as a "goat rope". I DO NOT see any smelly old goats around here.

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