Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm SO confused

Becca says that you can't be a sheep-with-spectacular-fleece and a genius all at once. But is has been a hard spring for my little head. First it was the backhoe. My heart almost stopped !! I said to Becca, " a sheep is going to die !"

Benny, what ever makes you think that ?

The big machine ! Lat time it was here, Fern died ....I know I'm going to die...oh, Becca, I'm not ready to die...all the green grass yet to eat...

Benny ! Get a grip.....Fern was very old and couldn't walk. Everybody here lives until they can't possible squeeze out one more spring...besides, what is the backhoe doing, Panic Guy ?

Oh....that's a funny place for a sheep grave...and its all around a big square...and it isn't deep enough for a truly solid sheep.....and...Becca ! Are they starting the barn ??? The one they promised 10 years ago ???

Chunko, you are only 7 this year....they promised the barn last year after they got the wool studio done.

And she was right...I hate it when she is right...but a barn like building is taking shape in the front pasture. And its big enough for all of us. And I'll bet it will have endless food troughs, and flowing water and places for sheep to nap out of the sun.... Then it was the shepherds disappearing again for EVER and then coming back a little darker and chuckling about vacationing with cats. Everytime they leave the WiFi in the old RV shed/barn goes down. And why would you take a vacation with cats ??? Of all things, cats ??

Woolbrain, they went to some place quiet where they could play in the ocean and its was a place of many cats. They met Sunny, Bo, Lenny, and know how the Crone adopts things with four feet ? This was a safe place for cats...

Becca ! What if they start adopting cats ? We barely have enough food now and who knows what cats eat ???

Think, Roller we have a cat ? What does she eat ?

Oh...Socks...yeah...she doesn't eat sheep food, does she ?

No, Big Guy...she is supposed to eat mice which do eat some sheep food, but I think she just chases mice and then goes inside to eat. If she is eating mice, she has plenty of food around....

I hate talking to Becca...she is such a smart ass sheep, but I always feel better after I ask her what is going on. This has been such a confusing spring...cold, wet, windy, back hoes, shepherds gone ...I think I will need to go browse and think it all over. It is hard work growing the most special fleece on the farm...maybe a nap first.

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