Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crone spotted !!

I was wondering if she still lives here - how long can one human have a fat hoof and be lame, anyway ?

Of course, she shows up when a sheep rodeo happens. Any time they get out big feeding pans and dump pellets in, you KNOW something nasty is going on. We put up a good fight and

Benny - you didn't see a thing - you had your head in a pan...

Becca, I know somebody put up a fight because I heard the Crone swear and grab her knee...

Your hearing is almost as sharp as your appetite, Big Guy..

ND they got away with one of the lambs anyway.

Well, that might be a bit dramatic - the animal communicator talked to us and told us that Ewan was going to a farm where the very old ram died and they needed a young guy. Wonder why they didn't take Raven ?

Benny - Raven had that operation last month ??

oh, yeah....that's right - he is supposed to protect us all now.

Sigh- he mostly protects us from the shepherds...

At any rate, the Crone was getting around pretty good, at least before two sheep tried to climb over her. I think we may be stuck with the Big Guy for awhile. But the hay is always here, the water buckets are full, Raven busted the salt feeder again...pretty normal winter, eh ?

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rugosa said...

Benny, I was getting worried about you. Over a month between posts!