Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Missing Shepherd !

The Crone is missing !! Although she doesn't really DO much around here, we think she manages the hay order. Becca says she saw her on the deck yesterday with one fat hoof and shiny sticks under each arm. So this is supposed to make me feel better about the impending famine ??

True, the Big Guy has been out breaking the ice on the buckets and rearranging the hay inside the stupid little fences that keep us from sorting through it properly, but what's with the Crone ?

Then there is the disappearing Butthead. Buddy came back a few weeks ago, and said the Shepherds loaded Butthead into a trailer with promises of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. That focused Dummy's attention so that they succeeded in loading him into the trailer and taking off. Never to be seen again, I suspect. Rams are so dumb - they leave hay and water and salt for the empty promise of ewes. Now I, being much brighter, and not driven by primitive instincts, am smart enough to stay close to home. Oh rats...Becca is reading over my shoulder again..

Benny, what do you call needing to know where all the food is - a sophisticated instinct ??

Well, it doesn't get me loaded into a trailer never to be seen again - probably hauled off at best to a place with very little food...

Benny, let me tell you about a guy named Maslow...

nd off she goes, talking about things that have NOTHING to do with where the bale will be placed IF they remember to order it.

Benny, here, reporting from the pastures of less-than-plenty.

And waddling out to the round bale, of course - Love, Becca

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rugosa said...

Benny, thank heavens you're back. I was wondering where you went.

What do you mean that CNL2 is missing? Did you lose her?