Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lambs ???

Ok .we weren't going to lamb this year, right ? I heard the shepherds explain that to lots of people...too many sheep, not enough space.

Now, I, the wisest of wethers, thought this to be very prudent.....too many sheep means not enough food. Some one needs to be thinking about the practical things instead of standing around cooing "oh - they are SOOO cute ! " No lambs;more food. It works....

Then the crone goes away again...visiting her herd sire or something....and Amy isn't looking too comfortable. She goes into the barn one night and plop - a lamb. Then lick lick lick....wait 20 minutes...PLOP - another lamb. Lick lick lick......

The flock is giggling - wait until the shepherd sees this and sure enough the Big Guy comes out to haul water and he comes into the small pasture, closes the gate and stares......the little white ram lamb is standing in the door looking at him and then says to THAT a shepherd ??

Yes, Dear .....the shepherd in question is still standing there with a blank look on his face - and then he comes into the barn and sees Fiona, the tiny black ewe lamb. The he says ...Amy have babies !

Duh. And they say I'm dense....

You are a bit dense, Alfalfa Head....

Becca - what ever will they do ? They said we have too many shepp....what will happen to the babies ... ? Or OMG...what will they do with us ??

They'll figure it out, O Great Barrel.....the babies are safe and they love us..they are smart for humans..

But Becca, they didn't want lambs and now we've got lambs and......oh, aren't they SWEET !!
Look at her climb on her Mom !

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rugosa said...

I'd heard from Heidi, the backup shepherd, about your surprise. They sure are cute and a welcome addition to the neighborhood.