Saturday, September 27, 2008

A very long time

Benny here, and it has been a long summer without wifi in the barn. Then the mother board on my laptop failed and it takes the shepherds FOREVER to get anything fixed..

Benny, that isn't fair...the Crone spent the whole summer taking care of people in the hospital and old Aunt Fern in the pasture.

Becca has a point - sometimes we were lucky to get fed !

But, Aunt Fern has become a cloud sheep, and all the people seem to be doing OK. And last week, the shepherds were clearly getting ready to abandon us yet again.

Haybrain, they were taking your totally spectacular wool to a show - do you whine about everything ?

Do you see big bales of hay around here anywhere ? Winter is coming and we could starve without hay - they just don't think ahead !

Chunko, they are feeding pellets this winter...I heard them say that the lambs and Bob got so much hay in their fleece last winter that they won't do round bales again. So the pellets are stacked in the like pellets, Benny !

Oh ...well, that is usually barely enough food, but it may do to sustain my incredible fleece. And as long as the apples last, I will regain the healthy weight I dropped during the recent summer famine ....Where are they, Becca ?

In Oregon at their favorite fiber show and with some of the kids that we see in the summer sometimes. And you really do cut a more striking figure without all that fat rolling around on you.

Becca never has appreciated the fine figure I am with adequate reserves - but she didn't gain enough weight with the world's most superior lamb (just ask her) to even tell she was pregnant.

He really is the most handsome and intelligent sheep here except me, of course, and his will be the talk of all the fiber artists and.......

Benny here, slowly inching away from Becca....


Liz said...

Welcome back, Benny! Hope the pellets are plentiful, this winter.

Christine said...

I don't even remember how I found your blog, but I really enjoy it. I'm glad you are back. I wish I could spin some of Benny's fleece, and think of your stories while I spin it.