Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Winter !!

Oh, a happy Benny here ! It is mid November and there is no snow, the pasture is still growing a little, it has rained and rained.... if they won't bring in food, we will survive on our own ! We are SHEEP and hear us roar !

Alfalfa brain...what is that sound that brings you running ...well, waddling....every morning and night ? The sound of pellets being poured into feeders, eh ?

But hay is real food...this is just dessert !

Chunko - didn't you hear them say that they are feeding pellets this year to keep hay stuff out of our fleeces ? You, with the truly spectacular fleece, should have been listening instead of talking to yourself as usual.

But Becca, I feel scared when there isn't any hay someplace...unless of course winter never comes. Wow ! What if winter doesn't come this year !!!

Roller Boy...winter always comes..it just comes a bit later than it used to and isn't usually quite as cold as it used to be. Besides, the shepherds were measuring the old shed to see how much hay they could have to keep your digestive system, marvel that it is, working.

Well, they had better get a lot....do you see how those lambs are growing ? They always look "so cute" when they are little and then they start pushing me out of the feeder...

Benny, nothing could push you out of a feeder once you have planted yourself there. You got so fat on apples this fall that only Raven shares a feeder with you because he can't push you away. Life is good, Big Guy, and they keep us fed, scratched, out of the wind, fresh water, you name it. And speaking of lambs, Fergus is still the most wonderful lamb every born. Do you see how they chuckle when they see him and say he looks exactly like a Teddy Bear ?

Well, then he certainly doesn't look like you if he is so cute...

Benny, I'm stunned ! When we were lambs together at Crosspatch you said I was beautiful ! Was that because I had claimed the end of the feeder you wanted ?

Well, no Becca - you are still beautiful - black legs and face, soft grey wool, alert look....but you fawn over that kid of yours so much that I feel left out.

Aw, Barrel Body....you are still the sheep that I got here with and you still have the most spectacular fleece...
(well, until the shear Fergus...)

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