Monday, November 27, 2006

I am writing this in hopes that the shepherd will read it - YO, Woman ! The barn is dirty !

I don't know how a sheep with prize winning fleece is supposed to maintain his dignity in these conditions. The water bucket has 3 pieces of hay floating in it, the lambs pooped in the place where I sleep, and it smells like a barn in here. There are ladders hanging on the wall - what if one fell down and hurt me ??? And its cold this morning.

True, the feeder is full, the water is not frozen and I get my chest rubbed every night at treat time, but the dumb dogs sleep on the bed, in the house. Bob, the lead genius in the flock says "Benny - so be a dog next time".

Well, I didn't choose to be a dog this time - they don't have something to eat 24/7 and I would not be the dignified presence I am without a full feeder.

Then there is matter of the rehab pasture. Yes, I KNOW the 3 ewes she got were in abysmal shape, and needed worming, good food and some TLC. But if you ask me, they are looking pretty good 3 weeks after they showed up. Not anywhere as good as me, of course. Ratty fleeces full of burrs, hip bones sticking out, one so weak she had trouble running. But they have filled out and they still get fed twice a day, grain in the evening, sung to by the shepherd. When is the last time I saw grain ????? When she was using up the end of a bag that the ewes had almost finished. I am going to write the Humane Society.....

Bob, the genius says, "Benjamin - you are technically a food animal - do you know how badly you need to neglected before the Humane Society in Montana can do something ??"

What's this "food animal" stuff ?

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