Friday, November 24, 2006

Intro to Benny

The shepherd says that since I have such strong opinions, for a sheep at least, that I should have my own blog. All sheep have opinions, but mine are undoubtedly wiser than most. And then there is the REALLY good looking aspect of my personality. Why else would she have named her business after me ?

So, I am Benny - 200 lbs of CVM Romeldale wether (that means boy-who-isn't-a-ram) and I live with 10 other sheep of varying levels of charm and brilliance. When the shepherd has time, she will help get my picture up - the hooves just don't do the keyboard thing. But for now I am am astute observer of the passing scene, and the passing scene came up wet and white this morning. The lambs - now 7 months old - have not seen snow before and they are loving it. They are big balls of black fleece on skinny legs, frosted in white and they look silly. The lead sheep, Bob, cautions me not to spoil their fun by pulling my "sheep are supposed to be dignified" routine. The shepherd says that at my weight and size, looking dignified is all that is left to me. She should talk....