Saturday, December 2, 2006

The feeder is full !!!!

Which means the Big Guy is home ! Even I think he looks really handsome with an 80 lb bale on his shoulder....what a hunk !! Becca says "we all know that the hay is your type, not the big guy." Duh. Maybe we'll get the barn cleaned, is warm enough for it to begin to smell like sheep. Bob the Genius mutters, Benny, you should live with billy goats and then you would appreciate sheep smell..." He is such a know it all.....

It sounds like, from listening to the shepherd, that we are going to get Bevis, aka Buddy the Shetland wether, in with us very soon. What is she thinking ??? There is barely room for 6 of us at the feeder, let alone 7 and even now I have to push the lambs around to get adequate nourishment.
Then there is the personality of Bevis. He will have to ram his pointy little head against everyone else like he hasn't ever seen us before.

Two summers ago, The Shepherd decided to let the hens run loose for a while. Pretty soon, she yells for the Big Guy to come help. Bevis concluded that the big black hen is a terror threat and started using her as a soccer ball. Big Guy comes out and they stand in amazement. The hen is pushed into a little crevice of the wire fence and Bevis is standing back about 4 yd., front feet spread, head down, with black tail feathers sticking out of both sides of his mouth. Shepherd shakes her head, says something about never have a camera when you need one, and pries the terrified hen out of the fence. The hen was laying the next day, so evidently no damage, but that tells you all you need to know about Bevis.

Couldn't I have been born on a congenial estate in the East ???

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Kris said...

Writing from a location near a congenial estate in the east I find an alarming lack of conversant sheep and need some advice! Benny, I am hoping you have some wise words on the "conscience collective" that will help inspire my Durkheim presentation today. Thank you. A devoted fan