Friday, December 8, 2006

I have admirers !!

Benny here, and I have a fan club ! One of my groupies asked for my advice - on a presentation on Durkheim ? My Dear Girl - can you eat a Durkheim ? If not, why are you occupying your head about it ?? Priorities, People ! Priorities !

The rodeo has slowed down in the front pasture, and I think it is because of poor conditioning on the part of Butthead. All he does is eat, sleep, get his back scratched and try to knock things over all year. Now he is presented with an opportunity to improve the genetics of the species and he isn't up to the task - he is tired chasing and sniffing ewes all day. Myself, I am disciplined to take 4-5 walks a day to keep my form. Becca says that the distance to the feeder and back isn't exactly a marathon. She is clearly hyperactive.

My advice to Butthead is "pace yourself, Brother !!" Get up 3 times a day and sniff everyone - if nothing has changed, there is no reason to get excited. Eat a bit to keep up your strength and go take a nap.

It is too foggy to take pictures with barn camera, so the shepherd has donated a picture of the view from the front porch of the big house just for ambiance sake. The view from the back pasture is focused on Butthead right now - not worth taking, I'd say.

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Kris said...

Thank you, Benny, for your wise words about priorities. Many people talk about "chewing over Durkheim" but that is quite different from "chewing on" now isn't it?! I shall keep that distinction firmly in mind and remember - first things first! But now, I seem to have forgotten, is it eat then nap, or nap then eat?