Saturday, December 16, 2006

A thorny Question

One of my admirers has asked a question I have pondered for centuries. (what - you think this is the first time I've been here ? You think this wisdom comes in a single incarnation ? Foolish one....) The question is - which comes first ? Eating or the nap ?

Being a creature deeply in tune with nature, I have discerned that the day's cycle begins when you wake up . Therefore , you arise and eat, and then nap. Clearly eating becomes before the nap. Unless, of course, the feeder is so crowded with riff raff that you cannot fight your way through. Then you go back to sleep. But, this is against the laws of nature and can throw off one's digestion for days. Eat. Then Nap.

That settled, we move on to Raven aka Butthead and his responsibilities for the ewes. An amazing thing happened the other night. Freezing rain, high winds and Raven herded the girls in his charge into the ram shed and held them there for the night. Weeks ago, Butthead would have sprawled in the ram shed and made the girls sleep out in the rain. It is a huge jump of good sense in an otherwise primitive creature. Even Bob the lead genius let him know what a fine thing he had done. There is indeed hope for many of other of Godde's creatures if Raven finally gets it.

Furthermore, we heard the shepherd and the big guy muttering to each other that one of the big tall ewes has a blue streak on her back. That, for the uninitiated in the way of sheeps, means that short Raven, with blue dye on his chest, has successfully....ummmmm ...fullfilled his ramly duties. This boy may get to stay a ram a lot longer if the shepherd's genetics experiments work out. Whatever genetics is......

Public Notice: We need another bale in the feeder !!

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