Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scary things

One of my admirers has written asking about what to do with scary things. Unfortunately, she addressed the question to Buddy. Sigh - well, what Buddy does with scary things in his pasture is to lower his pointy little head and attack. The Shepherd and the Big Guy once had to rescue a pretty roughed up big black hen that Buddy has used as a soccer ball, on the theory that she was a danger.

So, as a much wiser sheep than Buddy, I - Benny, would say the first thing to do is to not imitate Buddy. Don't attack - many scary things go away (or just fly over the fence) of their own accord.

Secondly, eat. Many things look much better on a full tummy. Becca says that my world knows no fear evidently because my tummy is ALWAYS full. Rubbish. But fear of starving clearly makes everything look worse.

Third, nap. When you wake up, some of the scary things will be gone, or much smaller. If all else fails, walk up to them (or send Becca) and see what they are really close up.

I would elaborate on this topic, but the Big Guy, in his new Carharrts, has just appeared with a fresh bale of hay. Nothing scary about this !!

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Kris said...

Hi Benny,
Thank you so much for helping me with my "scary things". I had wanted to know what Buddy does as he and I semm to have a lot in common lately - namely, we are very concerned about scary things in our area, and we have a bad habit of attack first, eat and nap later. Hearing your wise comments on both Buddy's reaction and my concerns are most helpful. Thank you! I guess I should go eat now!