Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What IS that thing ??

The picture tells it all, folks. The Big Guy comes out on Jan 5th and tosses something big, green and scary over the fence into OUR space. Sure - it is dangerous - throw it to the sheep. We spot it immediately - well, after eating - and look it over for a long time. You can't be too careful - the people in the Big House don't have a clue.

After regarding it for sometime - note that Corrie the Muncher is in the front, and I am bravely defending the rear flank along with Bob - we thought it over as it began to rain and blow . Don't even get me started on the climate - its is winter and we are in Montana - rain ??? Then we went back into the barn to think it over for a day.

Becca, the brain trust, mulled it over for a bit and said - I think this happened last year, too. And we didn't die. So, she put her head down and stalked it and it didn't move. Next thing we know, she is eating it.

As we are gathered around this pretty pungent snack, someone says, I don't think we are supposed to eat this if we are pregnant. Becca says, talking with her mouth full, to get pregnant, you have to be cooped up with Butthead. Buddy panics. He spends 6 months out of the year at least with Butthead...companion wether they call him. Becca, he chokes - what if I am pregnant ?? Becca fixes him with her "that's the dumbest thing I've heard since the last time Benny spoke" look and says YOU ARE A GUY SHEEP ! You can't get pregnant.

Oh. Well, at least I knew that all along.

The shepherd say we need a patron saint, or at least SHE needs a patron saint. She is thinking about St. Panacea who was a shepherdess and beaten to death by her step mother with a spindle. I think it fits - clearly she has been hit on the head too many times by something.

Tomorrow - picking seed head out my my velvety soft muzzle - where do they get this hay, anyway ??


Kris said...

Poor Buddy! He always has startled easily. I hope his pregnancy scare doesn't leave long lasting psychological scars.

Kris said...

Ok Buddy, I need advice. Recently I have also had many scary things show up in my space and I am always confused about the best way to approach them. Lately I have tried to ingore thema and hope they will go away - they are still there and still very scary - so what do I do now?!