Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hot !! REALLY hot !

Even if you have a very special fleece, when it is over 100 for a few days, special isn't so important.
And it is very hot. So what do the Shepherds do ? Another goat rope, of course.

At least the Animal Communicator got a hold of Bob the Genius before it happened. The Crone has promised that no one here goes away in a truck to die, but when trucks show up....well, we are sheep and suspect the worst. But the AC told us that Bevis and Butthead were going up the road a ways to eat weeds for a few weeks. What they didn't figure was that the horse trailer ( ?!) wouldn't come through the gate and they would have to haul both guys with horns across the pasture to the trailer. That was FUN ! They put up a great fight ! I can see where horns are handy for shepherds - they are sheep handles.

Since the front pasture had more green stuff than anywhere else combined, we have been grazing out there. Even as fat as Raven was, he couldn't make a dent. The Crone told the Big Guy - "I told you that pasture wasn't trashed - look at what fertilizer does for us - even a winter's worth of BIG ewe poops." We're lovin' it.

The Shepherds took off for a sheep show again, but thankfully came back without another sheep. There isn't ever too much food here, so its better to to come back with bright ideas than more rumens to fill. They are even talking a new barn - do I finally get me own private stall ? One without lamb poop to mess up my hooves and very special fleece ?

Stay tuned - this is Benny reporting from a very hot place in Western Montana ....what happened to all my lives in Scotland ??

Becca says - you got eaten, Dumbo.

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