Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now smoky and hot

I want to go back home to Scotland - I KNOW that's where my spirit came from. Its 60 and drizzle instead of 97 again and still. What is with this weather ???

And, I have been forceably torn from my soul mate, Becca. She is pining away at the fence that separates us.

Benny, I am being an aunt to the babies while you are at weight loss camp.
Is that why there isn't any food over here ??
Didn't you notice, you Boob ? You are in the same pasture as Bob, who is limping from over weight; Corrie who looks like a rolled comforter on legs; and the two 120-150 lb "babies" who eat continually. Benny, you are in fat camp.
Becca, will I die ???
Not in the next 4 months, Big Guy......

Well, I DID wonder why we are in the front pasture with a few flakes of hay a day and dying grass. If Raven was here, he'd knock down fences to get us food, I just know it. Maybe that is why he and Buddy are still gone on "knapweed patrol".

This is all very complicated for a sheep to figure out, even a very special sheep. The shepherds seem so cheerful when they come out at night, pour about 6 pellets into pans for us, check the salt, fill the water, and put two more skinny flakes of hay in the feeder. But, Bob has stopped limping, so maybe a little of a good thing is all right. If I never post again, it will be from weakness and you'll know, beloved reader, that they starved me.

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