Saturday, May 26, 2007

Now I know What UNCLE means !

Benny here, and this Uncle stuff is more work than I thought. They all say Benny, you are such a wonderful Uncle....Benny you are so strong and patient....

Well, THAT should have have tipped me off...strong and patient, indeed. UNCLE MEANS BABYSITTER !!

So I hear the Crone Shepherd giggling the other morning....and running for her camera. But I don't want pictures of this, so I spring to my feet. Becca says Benny, you haven't sprung to your feet in 4 years - lumber to your feet, yes - the lambs spring, I spring, you struggle.

The Crone comes back and says Rats - he moved, but I know what she wanted - she wanted evidence of me babysitting .

Benny, you are so strong and patient......

The whole herd gets up in the morning and since THEY have cut our rations with no food in the morning, we have to go forage for whatever we can find.

Benny, it is spring and there is grass everywhere.... Becca, pellets are much more easily digested for those of us with special fleeces.

After I go out and eat, with lambs bouncing everywhere, the herd looks at me and I go lie down to chew my food more thoroughly and they plunk a couple of lambs next me. Then they go back to the pasture. The Crone came out this morning and laughed, and went back in for her camera. Why is it that everyone wants to put a picture of Uncle Benny babysitting on the frig ?? I got up and went to the pasture where the Moms were and after a few minutes the babies followed ME. Fortunately, they spotted their Mom and no further embarassment ensued.

Because I don't have a digital camera, the Crone sneaks pictures into my blog. If a picture of me babysitting shows up, its a fake ! I am a dignified sheep with special fleece and the babies will certainly appreciate my wisdom as they mature. I am NOT a babysitter.

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