Saturday, August 18, 2007

Now where did they go ???

Benny here, and if sheep could sweat, I'd be dripping. And breathing isn't easy either.....the smoke is awful. In fact, I can barely see far enough to find the bale of hay they hid two pastures away. Its a BIG bale, but its a long walk....

Benny - its that far away to keep you from eating the whole thing yourself...

Becca, why is everything they do designed to keep me from eating ?

Benny - when is the last time you saw your feet ?

So anyway, the shepherds packed up on some flimsy excuse and drove off in a cloud of smoke. Not an oil leak, either....they reportedly are somewhere where water falls out of the sky in the afternoons... Aunt Nora says its probably a helicopter with a bucket.... thnak Godde she feeds us.

I'd put up a picture for you, gentle reader, but you can't see far enough to take one. Ah, Scotland.....

Benny, with a non-smoker's cough

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