Friday, September 7, 2007

Clean Air

Oh, it is fall and we can breathe !! The smoke blew away, along with some hay, dust, 2 lawn chairs - well, you get the picture. But it is cool, the sun feels good and the air is clean. Oh, and the shepherds are back from someplace Colorado. We don't get as much food, but we do miss them.

Benny, are you sure some of this joy doesn't have something to do with the location of the new round bale ?

Becca, you are such a cynic...

There IS a new round bale full of alfalfa just a short walk from the napping grounds, but the Crone Shepherd only let us bury our heads in it twice. Then a fence went up and we have to pull out what we eat. She was muttering something about fleeces full of hay and herd of pigs. Whateeeever !
It was pure love for a day or so.

People have been coming out to the pasture with tape measures and I think there may really be a new barn someday. I hope the Crone gets her camera in gear as they build my new palace. I wonder if it will have running water ?

Benny, automatic feeders are more your speed.

Becca, you are brilliant ! Can we tell the animal communicator that ?

Don't you have a list for her next time she checks in ?

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Kris said...

My dear wooly friends (yes, fabulous wool), I am so happy to hear your air is cooler and cleaner. I know the smoke was hard on you.

I have already recieved some of your "wish list" items (i.e. a small hill or dias for Bob to stand on, weak fence posts for Raven to push over,a 'girls lounge' and a basket of apples).

Benny, I hate to be the one to break it to you - but you are an automatic feeder (so quit asking for sultan type quarters with pillows to lounge on and servants to hand feed you).

It's always good to "hear" from you, no matter the format (blogs or otherwise). And no Benny, one more round bale is not necessary, one truly is enough for all of you.
Hugs and kisses - Kris