Monday, October 15, 2007

Wi Fi down

Well, it happened again..the shepherds leave town and the wireless goes down in the barn. I am CUT OFF FROM THE WORLD. At least they left a big round bale of good stuff down at the pasture next to the BDL (big dopey lab).

So they came back raving about Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival OFFF and finally fixed the wireless. Before I can get into my blog drafts, they disappear pulling a big rusty trailer and come back with...Bevis ! aka Buddy the Shetland wether who reintroduces himself in chracteristic fashion - knocking heads with anyone that will stand for it. This guy has the most primitive rituals.

Then we look around - where Bevis goes, Butthead goes. No Butthead. Fortunately then the animal communicator gets through to Bob and we all relax. Butthead is up north a ways with GIRLS ! His favorite past-time.

With Buddy back, the food situation is beginning to worry me again. Is no one else concerned that there are 14 sheep here and only 1.5 12oo lb bales in sight ? What if Raven comes home soon and he is hungry. Is no one paying attention ??

Benny, you are still rolling off to eat - have we ever gone hungry ?
Becca, you just don't aappreciate the seriousness of this situation...
Chunko, there is no situation...besides if you could hear over the rumbling of your rumen, you would know that some sheep are spending the winter somewhere else...
BECCA - where are they sending me ? - I'll die if I have to move.....
Butterball, Sophie and two black wethers are going to friend Robyn's and Fern the Giant Ewe is going to Amy's place at the foot of the mountains with Ewan the ram lamb. Breathe, Big Guy - you look pale.

Well, of COURSE I knew all that ....I am a very perceptive sheep and I listen very carefully. Over the rumble of my rumen, indeed....she can be so crass....

Now where have the shepherds gone - the friendly back-up Aunt Nora is checking water buckets again. They really ought to stay home - winter is coming and I'm hungry.



rugosa said...

Benny, I agree with you. I can't keep track of the shepherds either. One minute they're here and the next they're gone. I miss them too.

KBlack said...

Hello Benny!
You poor baby! Only 1.5 1200 lb bales-for more than three sheep?! How will you ever survive the week let alone the winter?! Perhaps there will be some apples for you soon to help stave off the hunger.