Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Babies !!! I'm an uncle !!

Last weekend, the shepherds did a goat rope (moving sheep around) and I don't know why they call it that because there isn't a goat living here. They took Butthead's girls away from him because they were getting really fat and slow - the girls I mean - the shepherds are a whole different matter - food in Scotland must have been good. And then they put the girls with us and Bevis (Buddy) back in with Butthead. The girls are standing together and the big one is glaring at us, so Bob says - "Benny, go make friends." I suppose I am the best choice because I am a very special sheep, but she didn't look friendly. So I amble (Becca says waddle) over to sniff and greet. The shepherds look and point and say "Four big sheep ? Oh, Benny has gone over to break the ice..."

Well, they pulled this off barely in time. The next night the Shepherd Crone is shuffling around in the middle of the night looking at the girls, then the sheep midwife shows up at 0400 and checks them out. The next afternoon, the Crone goes down for her nap after checking again, and the midwife shows up at 1300, pulls out her little box and says grab the lambing bucket and get out here. The Crone shows up 5 minutes later with a bucket, they take the first little guy into the place they call the lambing jug and his Mom follows. All is in good hands, because the other 2 preggers ewes start to graze. Funny thing, though, Butthead goes out to his ram toy and starts beating his head on it. Wonder if they let people Dad's do that ?

So I am an uncle and we are all very excited. The babies got to come out today with their Mom and she doesn't let any sheep get very close. But she'll get used to us or they'll send me back to be the diplomat. I am SO good at this stuff....