Thursday, May 10, 2007

Recognition of Leadership

One of my admirers - a Jack Russell named Mouse - has written to say that her true talent has at last been recognized. The neighborhood dog shrink evaluated her pack and said that she actually was the Leader of the Pack.

I am so envious - true talent is so seldom recognized, and it is just now that my diplomatic skills are being touted. Becca says - what exactly is the difference between dippy and diplomatic in your case, Benjo ?

However, I would like to advise Mouse not to underestimate the power of the one she calls the Feeder. That is similar, I believe, to our Shepherd, and you don't want to offend those who come bearing food. It can take a nasty turn, I'm afraid...

So, Congratulations, Mouse ! I know you will rule wisely, especially on a full tummy !

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