Thursday, May 3, 2007

WiFi fixed again !

So, the shepherds take off for Scotland and the WiFi connection lasted two weeks. What is it with IT in this place ??? The house sitter is very nice, the food keeps arriving, but no one can fix the "system?"

So they get back, the system is up, and while I'm cleaning lamb poop out of my hooves to get to work, they come out and start cleaning the barn, chicken house and ram/ewe shed. Shooed out of my office ( such as it is), I have to wait in the rain whilst this all gets done. Fresh clean straw appears and it smells so nice ! Then we get to watch the entertainment as they clean the ram shed and Butthead herds his girls around, occasionally taking a run at the shepherds. He gets a faceful of vinegar from a spray bottle and backs off, only to try again. Dummy - he really can catch the Big Guy unawares now and again, but when they are working together, he hasn't a prayer. Besides - whats the point - he hurts someone and no one is around to deliver food...ACK !! What IS he thinking ??? Bob ! Becca !! Talk to him !!! This is Serious !!!!

Becca groans - Dummy, what happened while they were gone ? A wonderful variety of people showed up to feed. The shepherds have us covered by incredible neighbors....not like you could starve in a week or two. Or three.

So they are back and they didn't bring any strange sheep with them. Like the Scottish Blackface above. Bob is muttering something like "stranger than what, Benny ? you ? not likely..."

A prophet in his own country is never appreciated....

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