Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Uncle stuff is WORK !!

Well, the work was in watching the next set of nephews being born. First Amy, their Mom, spends the whole day wandering back and forth in the pasture, away from all of us. I want to go help, but Bob says no, that's the way it is with moms. Suddennly, in the late afternoon, she starts walking and then running, dragging something behind her (not a baby) and baaing and won't stop. We are sheep, so we join her, and the shepherds try to get her to stop.

I don't think we were much help, because when one sheep yells and runs, we all do....its a sheep thing. The shepherds finally got us all in the back yard, caught Amy, laid her down and shooed the rest of us out. That's when the work started - we grazed, and paced, and listened. The Big Guy held her head and calmed her down and the Crone went to work trying to figure out what was going on. Amy was so tired that she just laid there. The we heard the Crone say " I see 2 feet and a nose - Alleluia" and she did something she calls scrubbing. Then is was kind of scary quiet with Amy grunting, the Big Guy talking softly, and the Crone working hard. She said "he isn't breathing well yet" and then there was a lot of other stuff going on...then we heard a cough. Pretty soon the little guy was up by his Mom's head and the Big Guy lifted her head so she could lick him off. But that took a long time cause she kept having to rest. Then the Crone says " Thank Godde ! another nose and 2 feet !"

Becca - don't we all have a nose and two feet on the front ? Becca sighs - yes, Benny, but not all lambs come out that way and its trouble. Oh.

Then the Crone scrubs again and pretty soon there is another little guy hanging upside down while she rubs him. Then a little cough, and then everyone is breathing ! I thought I was going to faint from the stress.

So then he goes up by his Mom and the Big Guy lifts her head. Amy is cleaning them off and the first one gets up and strikes out on his own. He's only 20 minutes old !!

The clean up starts, and the Crone takes the babies into the grass area they call the jug. Becca - why do they call it the jug ? Don't know Benny, but we were both born in one.
Then she goes back and helps Amy to her feet, but Amy is pretty confused. Her babies call and she heads toward them and the fence closes.

The shepherds and the Grandma, who got to watch it all, sit down and watch for a while as the babies get up and around and Amy cleans them up some more.

Becca - shouldn't they eat ? Who will show them ? Eating is IMPORTANT !! Benny, just relax - the shepherds will help if needed.

She is such a know it all, but she was right. The Crone helped the little guys find their food and their tails just went nuts !!

Benny - your tail does that sometimes when the pellets arrive. Does not. Does can't see your middle, let alone your tail.

There is a pretty big mess all over - blood and goop - and Amy is trying to clean it up, but she is very tired. Then the biggest raven I have ever seen swoops down, and starts to help clean up. Amy protects her babies and the raven does a pretty good job. This was one BIG bird.

Later the shepherds came out and gave Amy a shot - she was too beat to notice - and poured something on the lamb tummies. And that was that.

I am exhausted - I hope we are done with this - my heart can only take so much ...

Benny, your heart could take more if you weren't so fat. And you know that really big ewe with attitude ? The one who pushes you out of the food bowl ? She is next...

I need a break - I am a delicate guy ...

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Evelyn said...

Benny, you'll get used to this uncle stuff.

Ginger has four kittens, but I hardly get to see them. They all run and hide when they hear anything other than the feeders.

I just hope the fathers don't come around. We lost half of the kittens last time.

Stripes (in Minnesota)